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Mid-Life Crisis By The Beach
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Jacksonville Beach, Florida
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Our Story

If my high school art teacher could see me now ... well actually she would be stunned as she never gave me an A in art. It took many years before I realized trying to color inside the lines is just plain boring!

maggieOur CEO - Maggie
Carolina’s Sweet Magnolia

This analogy not only applies to my art talent (or lack thereof) but to my life. I spent a career working for the government and then out of nowhere it suddenly hit me (I believe I was crossing the International Dateline at the time) I was spending my life trying to color inside the lines and I wasn’t a lines person. I was getting older and I had forgotten how to enjoy life, in short my soul needed quenching and those lines needed to go.

You need to understand I am a North Carolina girl born and raised and then transplanted to Florida. Growing up I had enjoyed summers and weekends at the North Carolina beaches, fall days horseback riding but somewhere along the way I lost all that.  I forgot what is was like to actually “feel” life. So what did I do, well when that plane landed I submitted my retirement documents and said adios to that nonsense.

Ok, it didn’t happen exactly like that, when the plane landed I knew a change was needed. I began planning my escape from the grownup world and started a part-time business- yes Mid-Life Crisis because let’s be honest that is what I was having. I started out as gifts but then did things take a turn. Who would have thought painting some antiques for my mother-in-law would open the door into a new dimension.

I was painting the pieces the old fashioned way- yep sanding and priming etc. well to make a long story short a friend convinced me to try a paint I had never heard of Annie Sloan® Decorative Chalk Paint and as they say the rest is history.

I expanded the business to incorporate repurposed furniture then good fortune was bestowed upon me and I became affiliated with the best group of individuals in the world- Annie Sloan Unfolded (the North American division of Annie Sloan® Decorative Chalk Paint). I bought my own building – expanded into a full design and décor shop and began preaching the word about the best paint in the world! I am having the time of my life!

Now when I look up and see a plane going over I know someone is setting in a window seat looking down thinking, I’m not a lines person ...